Why your unit reads a different mileage than a friend’s, even on the same ride—and what to do about it Ever finished a century ride, only to see your GPS read 99 miles? Or wonder [...]

It was the summer of 1990, and Stephen Bullard had become a dedicated triathlete—fit and fast for swimming, running and cycling after five years of regular competition. He was a burgeoning young buck, eking up [...]

John Duggan was riding along the left side of a lane of vehicles stopped in a traffic jam, when a car pulled out from the lane to make a U-turn right in front of him. [...]

Continental Grand Prix 4000s The long-wearing Grand Prix 4000s uses a grippy rubber compound to acheive good traction on nearly any surface and withstand abuse on gravel roads. (Also, avoid these 8 Common Biking Mistakes [...]

The signs of a flat tire are always dishearteningly distinct: the hissing of air, the wobble of the handlebars, and a frustrated cyclist pulling off to the side of the road. Sooner or later it [...]