Southern Tandem Rally

September 19, 2019 – September 22, 2019 all-day
Southern Tandem Rally
Date: 19-22 September 2019
Start Location: Greenwood, SC
Organizer’s Website: Website
Registration: Registration


Registration Fee Schedule
Registration Options Ppl Early Regular Late Event Day
Tandem Team 2   $275    
Extra Adult Stoker 1   $135    
Child 1   $75    
Reg Period Start Date        
Reg Period End Date        


Start Times / Routes / Distances / Maps – Friday
Start Miles 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100   Elev/ft Maps
8:15 am 60 Metric Century   2800  
8:15 am 45 Half-Century   2000  
8:15 am 33 Half-Metric Century   1600  
8:15 am 23 Quarter Century   1100  


Start Times / Routes / Distances / Maps – Saturday
Start Miles 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100   Elev/ft Maps
8:45 am 59 Metric Century   2100  
8:45 am 47 Half-Century   1700  
8:45 am 32 Half-Metric Century   1100  


Start Times / Routes / Distances / Maps – Sunday
Start Miles 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100   Elev/ft Maps
8:15 am 33 Half-Metric Century   1300  
8:15 am 22 Quarter Century   900  


About This Event

STR is alive and well in the upcountry of South Carolina!  The rally returns to SC for the first time since 2001. 

Like many southern towns, Greenwood was founded in the late 1800’s as a cotton and textile hub.  The cotton mills are gone, but the city continues as a manufacturing center for many different companies.

Here’s what we have planned for the three days of the rally.  Some social events may be subject to change depending on our venues.

Thursday, September 19: Greenwood’s first brewery is scheduled to open on September 1st.  If they get open in time, we hope to have a nice gathering there.

Friday, September 20: Our first ride of the weekend takes us north towards Due West, home of the historic buildings of Erskine College.  On Friday night, we all scream for ice cream. Bruster’s is on the menu as we build our own sundaes at the Federal Building. Constructed in 1911, the Federal Building was given to the City of Greenwood in the late 1900’s and restored in 2006. Today it is the home of the Greenwood Visitor’s Center and has an art museum and a cozy courtyard where you can hang out if the weather is nice.

Saturday, September 21: Saturday takes us to Ninety Six, the site of the first battle in the south during the American Revolution.  The battlefield is still there as well as the old fort.  We’ll have a nice lunch spread for you at the Uptown Market, an outdoor facility just a couple of miles from the end of your ride.  Saturday night, join us for the grand STR banquet at the Sundance Art Gallery.  It’s sure to be a fabulous day.

Sunday, September 22: Today we ride to the Promised Land.  Hallelujah and pass the cornbread!

More information on our routes can be found on the STR routes page.

Your rally hosts:  Long-time Georgia Tandem Rally organizers Eve Kofsky and Roger Strauss are doing double duty in 2019, hosting GTR in May and STR in September.  Sure, we live in Georgia, but we are retired and ride everywhere.  We look forward to sharing this part of the south with you.

Rally registration: STR electronic registration is now open! Registration goes until August 15 or the rally is full, whichever happens first.

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