The FaKaHaTChee GrinD

April 3, 2021 all-day
Fakahatchee HQ
137 Coast Line Dr
Naples, FL 34114
The FaKaHaTChee GrinD
Date: Saturday 03 April 2021
Start Location: 137 Coast Line Dr, Naples, FL 34114
Organizer’s Website: Website
Registration: Registration


Registration Fee Schedule
Registration Options
Regular Late Event Day
Online Only    
Full Grind 85 $TBD    
Half Grind 64
Back Country 45
Processing Fees PLUS Processing Fees
Reg Period Start Date      
Reg Period End Date      


Start Times / Routes / Distances / Maps
Start Miles 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100   Elev/ft Maps
9:00 am 85 Full Grind      
9:00 am 64 Half Grind      
9:00 am 45 Half Metric Century Plus      


About This Event
The Fakahatchee Grind offers four distinctive routes for the ultimate off-road experience in the southeast.

About this Event

The Fakahatchee Grind is an opportunity to ride your Gravel bike or mountain bike through one of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the state.  The chance of you seeing a panther on this ride is in your favor.

In order to encourage social distancing during this pandemic, the event will be done in an OYO ( On your Own format). Once riders finish their ride, they will submit their GPS verification and times to be compared to other participants

The recommended donation amount to get any of the routes is 10$.

If you want a commemorative one of a kind patch and bandanna, the recommended donation amount is 30$

This will be the Seventh Running of the Fakahatchee grind, and in honor of this momentous occasion, we are offering 4 different routes to choose from.

The Faka XL is just that, Fakahatchee, Big Cypress, Picayune, and everything else in the lower half of the state, 250 miles of riding and the biggest mostly off-road loop offered in south Florida.

The Full Grind, nearly 90 miles of amazing gravel grinding, through Fakahatchee, Big Cypress, and Picayune

The Half Grind, at around 50 or so miles this ride takes you through Big Cypress and Fakahatchee but leaves out the PIcayune to keep it short.

The Faka Baka, is a backcountry loop showing you the inner guts and of the Fakahatchee strand. This is not a gravel grind, mountain bikes with fat tires seriously recommended.

The Faka 100, a trip into the guts of Fakahatchee with a mix of picayune and some of its sweet singletrack.

Start Location, Fakahatchee event field (the next left turn past the park visitor center entrance).

The riding promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Join the fun.

Please remember to pay your entry fee to the park before starting your ride.



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