UnPAved Susquehanna River Valley

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October 11, 2020 all-day
The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness
120 Hardwood Dr
Lewisburg, PA 17837
UnPAved Susquehanna River Valley
Date: Sunday 11 October 2020
Start Location: The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness
120 Hardwood Dr, Lewisburg, PA 17837
Organizer’s Website: Website
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Registration Fee Schedule
Registration Options
Regular Event Day
Online Only Online Only
Full 120 $120  
Plenty 90 $90  
Half 54 $60  
Taste 32 $30  
Reg Period Start Date 17 Mar 2020  
Reg Period End Date   11 Oct 2020


Start Times / Routes / Distances / Maps
Start Miles 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100   Elev/ft Maps
7:00 am 120 Full   9514 Map
8:00 am 90 Plenty   6230 Map
9:00 am 54 Half   3537 Map
10:00 am 32 Taste   987 Map


About This Event

unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley

A Premier Raw Road Adventure through the forests & farms of Central Pennsylvania

Crushed stone rail trail, dirt & gravel roads, paths with embedded rock and macadam. Routes are subject to change.

  • FULL: 120 miles with 10,000’ of climbing (150 rider limit)

  • PLENTY: 90 miles with 6,000’ of climbing (150 rider limit)

  • HALF: 54 miles with 3,500′ of climbing (150 rider limit)

  • TASTE: 30 miles with 1,000’ of climbing (150 rider limit)

Route Features

  • Buffalo Valley Rail Trail: “The Gateway to a Gravel Mine” will lead you out of Lewisburg, and back to town again.

  • Bald Eagle State Forest: Big, raw roads take you over relentlessly rolling hills, along running waters and through gorgeous, old woods. Wide vareity of terrain to roll through: Gravel roads, dirth paths, chunky trails, long descents and more than a few climbs. 

  • Amish Country: Connecting roads into civilization that’s measured in horse power, not cell coverage.

Aid Stations

  • Stony Run: Mile 26 (Full, Plenty & Half)
    Hydration & basic nutrition

  • Poe Paddy: Mile 53 (Full & Plenty) or Mile 83 (Full)
    Full aid station & drop bags here
    Full Riders must get here by 2pm to continue on the Full Route
    Full & Plenty Riders must get here by 5pm to continue to the Finish

  • Bottom of Longwell Draft: Mile 64 (Full)
    Mechanical support, hydration & basic nutrition

  • Mifflinburg: Mile 112 (Full), Mile 81 (Plenty), Mile 44 (Half) or Mile 9 & 23 (Taste)
    Hydration & tasty snacks
    This is the only aid station for the Taste Course, at mile 9 and 23

Start/Finish Venue:

  • unPAved is based out of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania—a college town filled with warmth, charm, tasty grub and cold brews.

  • Ride starts & finishes at the Miller Center, Lewisburg (the beginning of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail)

    • Parking available at the Miller Center, nearby parking lots and on side roads

  • Food & Drink available at the Miller Center “DONEpaved Party”

  • Plenty of lodging available. Check the website for special rates and all the options.


  • Registration Sign-In & unPAved Fair & Expo: Saturday, Noon-6pm, Hufnagle Park (downtown Lewisburg)

  • Mandatory Rider Meeting for Full riders: Saturday, 7pm, Campus Theatre (413 Market Street, Lewisburg)

  • Registration Sign-In & Good Luck Toasts: Saturday, 8pm, Bull Run Taphouse (605 Market Street, Lewisburg)

  • unPAved Full 120 Start: Sunday, 7am, Miller Center Plaza

  • unPAved Plenty 90 Start: Sunday, 8am, Miller Center Plaza

  • unPAved Half 54 Start: Sunday, 9am, Miller Center Plaza

  • unPAved 30 Start: Sunday, 10am, Miller Center Plaza

  • Lights Mandatory from Poe Paddy Aid Station: 4pm

  • DONEpaved Party: 5-10pm, Miller Center Plaza

  • Awards for Full Route Winners: 7pm, Miller Center

Equipment & Gear Recommendations:

  • No matter what kind of bike you ride (Gravel, ‘Cross, Randoneur, Mountain, Really-Sturdy Road, anything but an e-bike or fixed-gear) at some point it will be the perfect one, and at some point it will be the wrong one.

  • “Raw Roads” mean just that. Not just “unpaved” but sometimes just barely a road. Bring your good tires and all you need to fix flats & mechanicals. The descending on this route is legit, and disc brakes (with fresh pads) are strongly recommended. 

  • Lights will be mandatory for any rider leaving the Poe Paddy Aid Station after 4pm.

  • The weather is unpredictable in the hills & valleys of this region. It can be sunny & warm one one side of a ridge, cold & wet on the other, and anything goes as you cross them. Do not skimp on clothing & gloves, and be prepared to pack extra layers.

  • Do not plan on using your cellphone as a communications device on course. There is little to no coverage for much of the route.



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